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The Last Call

I can remember being at a bar in my twenties, dancing and singing when the lights flickered, and the bartender yelled out, “The last call.” I glanced at my watch and saw in amazement that it was 12:30 in the morning. It seemed like only a few minutes had passed since I stepped into the […]

Fly, Baby, Fly!

This blog is for, Lisa, who brought my inner thoughts to the surface and for, Linda, who brought them full circle. Last week as I was returning from walking the dogs, I noticed what appeared to be the fluttering of wings above a mound of grass in my yard. I secured the dogs in the […]

If You Give a Woman a Dirty Dish

Last Thursday, due to inclement weather, I found myself with an unplanned day off from work and the ability to tackle a long list of projects I’d been saving for a rainy day (which, by the way, was exactly what this “snow day” was, rainy.  But don’t get me started on this subject!).  After two […]


Best intentions. Yep! I intended to write a blog series about my life as a Fantasy Football Mom, and actually, I meant to write blog posts about a lot of things. In all fairness, I have spent countless hours composing stories in my head. I do my best work while jogging with my two dogs […]

A Game Changer: Fantasy Football

One can argue, there is too much emphasis on sports in our society. Too much hero worship and money spent on undeserving athletes who are guided day-in and day-out by a questionable moral compass.  While I agree on some of these points, I know this, there are few things on earth that can unify people of […]

Mood Swings

Last year, I had a sign made that read, “Porch open. Come on Back.” The idea was to hang the sign in the flower bed at the street side of my yard when Andrew and I were sitting out back watching a game and sharing a bottle of wine. We hoped that neighbors or friends […]

The Fantasy

My mind drifts off quite a bit these days, well, to be honest, this has been going on for a few months now, but the last two weeks, it has happened with more frequency. These mental escapes usually occur during breakfast or dinner conversation (or arguing), and by the time my thoughts settle back into […]

Trudy’s Tale: The Value of Pet Ownership

We Americans love our pets! By 2020, we will spend roughly $96 billion dollars on our four-legged companions. When I reflect on this number and think about the money spent on the three dogs living in my household (Trudy, Moose, Polly), I have to admit, I am guilty of contributing my fair share towards this […]

Speed Bumps​

Speed bump noun A ridge set in a road surface, typically at intervals, to control the speed of vehicles. Life is full of speed bumps. You can choose to race over them in a mad dash to the finish line, or you can slow down, ease your way over the bump, and enjoy the reprieve […]

“Lent Is Not A Diet”

Warning: If you take religion seriously, I mean really seriously, do not read this blog! If you are an Atheist and think anyone who thinks God is real is a bumbling idiot, do not read this blog! If you are 100% secure in your own skin and think anyone who isn’t is simply a waste […]