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Trudy’s Tale: The Value of Pet Ownership

We Americans love our pets! By 2020, we will spend roughly $96 billion dollars on our four-legged companions. When I reflect on this number and think about the money spent on the three dogs living in my household (Trudy, Moose, Polly), I have to admit, I am guilty of contributing my fair share towards this […]

“Lent Is Not A Diet”

Warning: If you take religion seriously, I mean really seriously, do not read this blog! If you are an Atheist and think anyone who thinks God is real is a bumbling idiot, do not read this blog! If you are 100% secure in your own skin and think anyone who isn’t is simply a waste […]

Food For the Sake of Tradition

It’s that time of the year when I reach up high to the top shelf of my pantry and pull down my recipe box.  Blowing the dust off the top, I sit for a minute and smile with bittersweet anticipation.  A treasure trove of memories this box contains.  Recipes given to me by cherished family […]

The Language Lesson

Life has a funny way of teaching us lessons. Most recently, I learned an important lesson through a most unlikely source, my dog, Moose. Let me explain. As my sons neared and entered their teenage years, I have had a nagging feeling in my heart. I know, it is normal and necessary for my sons […]