Monthly Archives: September 2017

A Game Changer: Fantasy Football

One can argue, there is too much emphasis on sports in our society. Too much hero worship and money spent on undeserving athletes who are guided day-in and day-out by a questionable moral compass.  While I agree on some of these points, I know this, there are few things on earth that can unify people of […]

Mood Swings

Last year, I had a sign made that read, “Porch open. Come on Back.” The idea was to hang the sign in the flower bed at the street side of my yard when Andrew and I were sitting out back watching a game and sharing a bottle of wine. We hoped that neighbors or friends […]

The Fantasy

My mind drifts off quite a bit these days, well, to be honest, this has been going on for a few months now, but the last two weeks, it has happened with more frequency. These mental escapes usually occur during breakfast or dinner conversation (or arguing), and by the time my thoughts settle back into […]